Wednesday, November 5, 2008

two americas?

Two Americas: The "Real" one and the "Fake" one. I am unfortunate enough to live in the Fake one. At least that's what Sarah Palin insinuated.

The truth: There is no "Real" or "Fake" America. There's just America. Don't let this map to the right fool you. America is more PURPLE than RED or BLUE.

Sure. There are some wildly divergent points of view in this country of ours. Extremists on both sides of the coin. For example, there was that dipshit who shouted, "Bullshit!" when McCain mentioned Obama in his concession speech last night.

And there was that fraud Jesse Jackson, weeping during Obama's speech. Sure you still don't want to castrate him for calling out black dads, Jesse?

In the end, America is neither Democrat nor Republican. It's somewhere in the middle. Only when an administration like Bush's goes and fucks up for 8 years do we see such an overwhelming lean to one side or the other. A silent revolution. A sea change.

Ladies and gentlemen: These things only happen once every fifty years or so. Let's hope President Obama can take advantage of this overwhelming support.

And let's be sure not to leave it all up to him.

Don't sit on your laurels, America. Volunteer in your community. Hell, help around the neighborhood. Make a difference. Though one man may stand for change, it takes the involvement of everyone to move us forward.

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