Wednesday, December 17, 2008

KY: Not Just for Females

I've received some flak for mentioning KY brand lubricants in my last blog. Seems someone was a little upset that I lacked a certain sensitivity for those suffering with vaginal dryness.

Well, let me preface this retort by saying I apologize for nothing. Vaginal dryness remains one of those unpleasant facts of life (like farting and premature ejaculation) that nobody wants brought to the fore.

But let's talk about it here. This is somewhat an open forum. We can talk about whatever we choose.

Ok. This isn't an open forum at all. This is my little dictatorship, and I rule it with an iron fist.

But hey: If you want to discuss dry vaginas, I'm all for it. Though let's not talk too much... I'm getting a none too pleasant mental image of cute nonagenarian actress Ellen Albertini Dow in coitus.

Eww. That just wasn't right. I apologize for that one.

The funny thing about this whole KY snafu is that the lubricant could work for either Madonna or A-Rod. And after the ass-raping she received in divorce court, I think A-Rod's going to need the KY. Makes the strap-on sink in so much easier.

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