Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Is THAT the Best You've Got?!?

Recently, news corporations have told me that this piece of shit to my right is the man that I, as a Liberal, have to fear: The new Conservative voice, Rush Limbaugh.

My reaction: Are you serious? This guy has been around for what seems like decades, and the only people that take him seriously are White Supremacists and the intellectually impaired (both of whom are often interchangeable).

I mean, seriously. The new Conservative voice? Rush Limbaugh makes Ronald Reagan look like Barack Obama. He's just a hair to the left of Mussolini, for shit's sake. If this is whom Conservatives want to emulate, by all means: Do so. Drive the moderates to the left. We won't mind.

This waste of skin is nothing more than a racist gay-bashing hypocrite. He's too divisive a figure to act as a mouthpiece for his party. If you have the education of a 12-year-old backwoods pig fucker, you like him. If you've a college degree and any sense of reason, you hate him. The end.

I could go on about Rush, but he's not worth my time. He'll just continue being a contrarian voice during Democratic administrations, a salad tossing Conservative cheerleader during the next Republican administration.

Next up: Sarah Palin.

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