Monday, May 25, 2009

Esquire Fiction Contest

I'm working on a piece for Esquire Magazine's fiction contest.

Length is cut off at 4,000 words. So, no more than 20 double-spaced pages. Must be submitted by August 1st.

The payoff is pretty nice. But Esquire is a nationally published magazine, and I imagine they'll receive many submissions. Victory won't be easy.

But you know what they say. Fortune favors the brave.

Any potential readers out there? I'll try to get a rough copy done by the end of the week. I'd need comments a week and a half or so after the initial draft is complete.


little erin said...

send it my way!

chick.a.dee said...

you can count on your fellow artichokes!

and...i'm not doing a whole lot else these days.

Katie said...

I'd be happy to.

katy said...

i'm in.

alter:native architect said...

I wanna read..if its not too late.