Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Moratorium: Ginormous

This week, I recommended a moratorium on the word "ginormous". This fusion of "gigantic" and "enormous" is the single most retarded word "created" in recent years.

I hate the word. I hate seeing it on the page. And I absolutely hate hearing it spoken.

When a word like "large" or "huge" would work just fine, some moron goes ahead and whips out "ginormous". The word goes over as well as that Thanksgiving dinner when Grandpa decided to drop trou, whip out his one-eyed warrior, and attempt to baste the turkey with his octogenarian man nectar.

Who am I kidding? That was hilarious!

Anyhow, my big problem with "ginormous" is the sound of it. When I hear it, I think vagina.

In fact, "ginormous" should only be used to describe The Vaginormous: A somewhat apocryphal cavernous vagina monster that eats men whole. Supposedly, The Vaginormous lives in Queens. She likes cuddling. And men. Did I mention she eats men?

So, let's dump this "ginormous" bullshit. The word shall never again appear in this blog. It's dead. Gone.

However, The Vaginormous may make another appearance. I'm trying to get an interview.


Jenni B. said...

this is fantabulous.

Anonymous said...

I hate this word so much. And yes, I think vagina too.