Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Red Pill, Blue Pill, Whatever

A few weeks ago, I offered an open forum for anyone who could explain how one figures out just how much money there is (or should be) in the world. Can we just print as much cash as we want? Or is there a cash ceiling, based upon something concrete?

Unsurprisingly, I didn't receive any feedback.

Which leads me to believe that the whole idea of a "cash-based economy" is something like The Matrix. It's nothing but a false construct, developed by the world's nations in order to keep the general populous toiling for "must-have" 62-inch HD TVs, iPhones and Wiis.

What would happen if people learned they could be happy without the HD, the XBOX 360, and the BMW?

Put it this way: If the common unwashed were to stop buying stupid shit, the whole fucking thing would fall apart. That's something the world's nations can't chance. And that's why they keep printing worthless cash, further bankrupting their own people.

What's that you say, Morpheus? Red Pill or Blue Pill?

It doesn't really matter, now. Does it?

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