Thursday, February 26, 2009

Republicans Are Retarded

So, President Obama unveiled his economic plan today. And right on cue, the Pavlovian Republican party slobbered over the document, denouncing it as wasteful spending that our great grandchildren will be paying off a century from now.

This is all highly ironic, coming from the party that tripled government spending (the greatest single spending and deficit increase in American history) during the Bush years and put us in "great grandchildren paying off" territory long, long ago.

Let's face facts, here. The Republicans are pro-limited government IN THEORY ONLY! When it comes to things they're really into, like Defense spending, the GOP will bankrupt this country by dumping cash into it. They'll cut education and public works projects to pay for senseless wars in Stone Age countries the common man can't find on a map. And if they can't get enough money by pulling taxpayer programs, they'll borrow from China or Saudi Arabia to finance their aims.

Time and again, the Republicans pull the same bullshit. Yet people keep voting them in, because they buy the "you're safer with us" fear-mongering garbage that they spout every election season. First it's the Russians. Then the Iraqis. Now terrorists and the Iranians. Who's next? Bangladeshis?

It's plainly obvious that the Republicans want Obama to fail. What they don't seem to understand is that if he fails, the country goes with him. Ergo, the Republicans want AMERICA to fail. And I say Fuck Them. Their 19th century policies send American dollars into foreign countries that really don't like us.

It's time this country put the world on notice. It's time for serious change. And it's not going to be cheap. But change never is.

Currently, I'm a fan of the Obama budget. From what I've learned, it focuses on infrastructure and new energy initiatives. It's about time our government focus inwardly rather than outwardly. I'm driving down 195, watching concrete crumble from overpasses and girders corrode to nothingness, just wondering if today's going to be the day when one of them gives and hey, Time's Up! Fire up the crematory. Craig-O's down for the count.

Or maybe it's not me. Maybe it's 13 people on a bridge in Minnesota. Who knows?