Friday, March 12, 2010

Something's Rotten At Shaw's

Something’s Rotten At Shaw’s

On Thursday, I went to Shaw’s supermarket in Dartmouth, Massachusetts to do some shopping. On my way in, I readied a few quarters, as I expected to find someone collecting donations for the Little League or Salvation Army at the entrance.

Instead, I was rather unpleasantly surprised to find two women sitting at a table behind an "Impeach Obama Now" sign, asking entering customers to sign a petition. At that, I turned, got back into my car, and drove to Stop & Shop in Fairhaven.

Requesting donations for charitable organizations is one thing. Petitioning for political motives is quite another... and something I’ve never encountered at a supermarket before. I found it... in bad taste.

There's a place for political free speech. But this isn’t a matter of “free” speech. As a private enterprise, Shaw’s and their management must OK all groups using their entrances for any purpose. They choose what they want their consumers to see and hear.

Which begs the question: Just what is the management at the Dartmouth Shaw’s trying to sell their consumers? Food? Or political views?

As long as Shaw’s continues endorsing politics of any stripe, I’ll continue taking my business elsewhere.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Can Be a Real Jerk Sometimes

Last night, I dreamed I went to the movie theatre to see Avatar. The theatre was somewhat like the one in Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard, where you've got to go up a rather dark, red-carpeted stairway to get to the ticket counter and what not.

But there the similarities ended. Turned out this theatre also sold Chinese food.

A pleasant surprise.

A waiter asked if I'd like anything. I ordered some General Tsao's chicken, spring rolls, and a Tsing Tao.

Then I went to the ticket counter. To my surprise, Jackie Chan was the ticket guy! He was wearing the classic, black tie cinema outfit... white shirt, black bow tie, vest. I was starstruck. I'm a big fan of his, though some of his films are pretty corny.

"Can I help you?" He asked.

"One for... Avatar, please," I stammered.

Jackie seemed hurt by my request. "Are you sure you wouldn't rather see The Spy Next Door?"

The Spy Next Door... hmm... wasn't that something like Vin Diesel's The Pacifier?


"Umm... no. One for Avatar, please."

Jackie looked like when he got smashed in the balls with a bottle of booze in the very entertaining Rumble in the Bronx. I felt awful, but really didn't want to watch his latest Disney-type movie.

Finally, after what seemed like two tense hours, he reluctantly gave me my ticket. I walked in. Sat in the theatre. The lights went down.

As the movie started up, I bit into a spring roll. They'd given me egg rolls instead.