Monday, August 24, 2009

What We Need

Like most Americans, I've kept an eye on the current health care debate.

Unlike most, however, I'm well-informed on the topic, as I've taken it upon myself to do the reading and research.

I know a little something about health care. And I know how I would fix it.

But unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your political pinstripes), what I would do with the American health care system doesn't matter.

Because this current debate has nothing to do with logic, rationale, or comparison of the health care methods of other countries. In this debate, the insane are running the asylum. People who wouldn't have voted for Obama if he were a shade or two lighter are tearing roughshod across our TV screens, misinforming and frightening our just a shade above ignorant populous with outright lies and loony Far Right propaganda.

Now, middle America is scared. They're turning against reform. It seems the public option may be dropped from the health care reform bill, all because a few very vocal maniacs think socialism is a four letter word. Which means we'll just spend more money on a broken system with yet another health care bill.

I'm confused. It's not like health care reform was a surprise. President Obama ran on the issue and won the election in a landslide.

It just doesn't make sense. Was I the only one watching the debates? The only one voting for actual change?

Where did it all go wrong?

When President Obama didn't take the bull by the horns, lay out the problems with American health care, and outline how he planned to fix it in simple terms that even the dumbest of Americans could understand, he screwed up. This lack of a chat with the people allowed the Right Wing to fear-monger, playing on the fears of the common man and his lack of knowledge, lack of understanding.

Which is why we need to clone FDR and get his ass back in office in a hurry. If he were in office, everyone would have Medicare.

But he isn't. So, until the FDR clone is ready, you've got to get your shit together Obama. Drop the Harvard talk. Skip the witticisms. Speak as the common man speaks.

Revive the Fireside Chat.